Effortless collect and analyse activity data with the ultimate research platform

Discover new relationships based on millions of activities

Your participants already use smartphones, sports watches and other wearable devices daily. Why not use this data for scientific research? Wearable data allows retrospective and prospective study designs. The large numbers of participants and longitudinal analysis allow you to study complex multifaceted constructs such as injury risk, performance, training behaviour, motivation in an objective manner.

Save time on preprocessing training data

The Research Portal is a dedicated cloud-based system specifically designed to preprocess activity data for scientific research. Preprocessing would normally take 70% of the time for a researcher or data scientist. The full training history of 5000+ participants can easily occupy your computer for a couple of days just to preprocess the data. Our cloud-based system will help you out.

Export advanced and customised metadata

You can track participation and export the preprocessed and labelled metadata using the secured dashboard.

  • Supports Garmin | Suunto | Polar | Strava | and more
  • Supports all activity files (.fit, .tcx, .gps, .json)
  • Privacy-by-design



Collaboration-ready export

Scientific data management and stewardship have become recognised to be of great importance. The Research Platform will help you to achieve just that. The exports provide needly structured, standardised and anonymised data. The Research Portal will encrypt the data and remove all traces of privacy-sensitive data. You or your colleagues can directly apply statistical analysis to the exported data without safety concerns.

  • Data encryption
  • Anonymised data
  • Standardised export
  • Ready for statistical analysis

How does it work?

  1. The researcher sends a unique link to participants
  2. Participants upload or sync their activity data
  3. The data is processed and analysed by the Research Portal
  4. The researcher downloads the processed data and metadata using the dashboard.
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  • Supporting nearly all wearables and activity file structures
  • Multi-language support
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Advanced metadata
  • Custom export options
  • Standardised and pseudonymized export
  • High-ethical and safety standards
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